Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia, economic, political, cultural, scientific and tourist center of the country. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people come to Moscow on business, work and study, and among them a large proportion of tourists, both Russian and foreign.

Since this information is intended for the tourist, we omit economic and political actors in Moscow, touch only what you need to know about Moscow as tourists.

The three main attractions of Moscow - is the Kremlin, Red Square and Arbat. Of course, there are hundreds of attractions, and very important, but in any tour of Moscow tourist offer these three places lead the list.

It is no coincidence. Moscow Kremlin - is a huge complex, where every tourist will find something interesting for himselves, there are also churches and palaces, and the Armory, and the famous Red Square.

A lot of attention for the tourist in Moscow and in the Moscow region goes for estates, such as the famous Tsaritsyno, Arkhangelsk, Kolomenskoye Kuskovo thanks to the beautiful architecture and famous masters.

You can not ignore the great cathedrals, such as St. Basil's Cathedral, the church of Christ the Savior, and of course, the Novodevichy Convent.

Reference: 12.1 million people live in Moscow (around 20 million people offstage), making the city one of the ten largest cities in the world. The city stretches for 52 km from north to south, and 40 km from west to east.

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Dolgoprudny is situated in the center of Moscow district. Its name it got from the nearest railway station - Dolgoprudnaya. And the railway got its name from the long pond which is in the Vinogradov's farmstead near here. On Russian dolgo means long and prud means pond.

Many years ago in this area was an airship building shipyard. And the town was established in 1931 and was called Aishipbuildingland. And in 1935 it got its present name as the shipyard company was destroyed.

In 1937 was established channel Moscow-Volga. 3 years later the central airlogical observatory was established there. And in 1946 Moscow Physics and Technology Institute was established in Dolgoprupny.

And in 1957 this town became city and after that time all infrastructure and building manufacture started increasing

Dolgoprudny map: